art lab

An exclusive program for artists who want to achieve success

From €99. Limited places.


You're a visual artist?

You'd like to grow your audience and sell your art?

The Art Lab is a selective program fully dedicated to visual artists.

Enrolled students receive high-level training and have access to worldwide buyers.

Explode your opportunities

Independent artists don't succeed online. Unless they already have a big audience.

The Art Lab is the world's only development program for painters, drawers and photographers.

Enrolled students have access to high-level classes to boost their audience.

We help you grow your artist's value to sell more and at higher rates.

Sell your art internationally

Get access to online workshops to sell your art globally. No matter your current audience.

We put your artworks in front of thousands of potential buyers.

The Art Lab is not just a training. It's a powerful selling tool for every visual artist.

Enrolled students don't just learn. They grow their value. To sell their artworks at the best rates.


To apply, fill the form below. We welcome people no matter their age or background.

From €99. Limited places.

What are you waiting for?

If you don’t try, you can’t succeed.


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